Farmyard Perfection At Bergsicht Country Cottages by GotThePassports

Posted by by GotThePassports on Wed February 3, 2021.

"I can taste the acidy scent of the thinly sliced onion emanating from the hot, melted cheese. The cold, crunchy salad compliments the charred bread, hot between my fingertips, but too good to put down. This is freedom. Standing on warm cement, in my own puddle of hot tub water, under a windless sky. Welcome to Bergsicht country cottages."

Fresh Farm Living at Bergsicht

Neighbours arrived earlier and they’re playing Chris Brown. Not exactly what I had in mind for the night, but the music does provide a touch of privacy by muffling our individual conversations – and they’re considerate with the volume.

Bergsicht has 5 farm cottages located on Vrolikheid farm on the heel of Grootwinterhoek Wilderness Area. We’re staying in Ruby star, a large, semi-detached cottage perfect for a couple and two kids. The house includes a small lounge area, two beds for kids in the corner, a large dining room and an open plan kitchenette. The main bedroom is a private double room with loads of space and a baby’s cot.

The house next door’s hot tub is hidden behind a wall, ensuring privacy for all parties. The sounds, however, can not be so well contained – as we learnt from our young, neighbourly lovers. Bergsicht put a lot of effort into ensuring a romantic welcome in the bedroom and clearly their love spells work!

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